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PFNonwovens a.s. (hereinafter the "Company") and its subsidiaries (hereinafter the "Group") are one of the leading producers of spunmelt nonwovens in the EMEA region. The Group currently operates nine production lines in the Czech Republic and one production line in Egypt which commenced its commercial operation in 2013. The total production capacity is currently up to 100 thousand tonnes of nonwoven fabric per annum in the Czech Republic and up to 20 thousand tonnes in Egypt. 

The Group consists of a parent holding company in the Czech Republic and four operating companies, PFNonwovens Czech s.r.o., PFN - GIC a.s., PFN – NW a.s. and PFN – NS a.s., all located in the Czech Republic. For the purpose of international expansion, PFNonwovens International s.r.o. was established in 2010 and subsequently PEGAS NONWOVENS EGYPT LLC in June 2011, which invests in the Egyptian production facility. In July 2016, a subsidiary PFNONWOVENS RSA (PTY) LTD was established for the purpose of realization of the investment project in the Republic of South Africa. At the end of 2017, Group employed 590 people.

As of September 2017, following a voluntary takover bid, R2G Rohan Czech s.r.o. (as of 13 June 2018 PFNonwovens Holding s.r.o.), became a new majority owner of the Company. 

Shares in PFNonwovens a.s. (previously PEGAS NONWOVENS a.s.) are listed on the Prague Stock Exchange and 11% of the shares are free float. 

The Group is a member of the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA).

PFNonwovens a.s. and its affiliated companies are members of PFNonwovens holding (concern) subject to single management by PFNonwovens Holding s.r.o. This announcement is made pursuant to Section 79 (3) of Business Corporations Act No. 90/2012 Coll., as amended.

The diagram below represents the current structure of PFNonwovens holding (concern).



The Company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under file No. B 23154.
tel.: +420 515 262 411
fax: +420 515 262 511
e-mail: info@pfnonwovens.cz
The Company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno under file No. C 51762.
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