Bi-component non-woven fabric Pegatex S BICO

Pegatex® S BICO - bi-component non-woven fabric manufactured by means of spunbond BICO Reicofil® 3 technology from polypropylene (core) and polyethylene (sheath). The polyethylene sheath of the individual filaments (continuous filaments) gives the resulting non-woven fabric very specific qualities that include the following:

  • Softness and very pleasant feel
  • Excellent, comfort qualities in contact with the most sensitive parts of human skin
  • Higher elasticity
  • New quality for hygienic applications (baby nappies, ladies hygiene or incontinency products)
  • Higher possibilities of binding (polyethylene) with other materials for composite fabric in automotive or building industries.

These main advantages of Pegatex® BICO non-woven fabric are present in all the applications where there is a direct contact of sensitive human skin with non-woven fabric. The main applications include baby nappies, ladies hygiene and incontinency nappies and towels.

PEGAS NONWOVENS Czech s.r.o. Pegatex® BICO company manufactures this product commercially in a high quality standard and thanks to its favourable price it is suitable for use in a number of applications.

Difference you can feel!

Pegatex® S BICO (bi-component spunbond) is manufactured by means of Reicofil® 3 technology on the equipment creating three layers of bi-component spunbondu - SSS (number of letters S marks the number of individual spunbond layers creating the non-woven fabric).


  • Basic surface density from 15g/m2 to 80 g/m2
  • High fibre uniformity and fineness from 1.5 den
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Possible hydrophobic or hydrophilic treatment
  • Harmless to health


Input raw material: 50-70 % polypropylene; 30-50 % polyethylene
Surface density: 15-80g/m2
Max. roll width: 3,2m
Treatment: possible hydrophilic and hydrophobic treatment
Colour scheme: according to the customer’s requirements


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The Company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno under file No. C 51762.
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