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PEGAS NONWOVENS SA receives the prestigious “Excellence Award” from Procter & Gamble a fifth year in a row

LUXEMBOURG/ZNOJMO, September 20, 2012 – PEGAS NONWOVENS (hereafter"PEGAS" or "Company") received the “Excellence Award” from Procter &Gamble (NYSE: PG), the largest producer and seller of consumer goods in theworld. This prestigious award, which this year was given to the 73 bestsuppliers in the world from a total of 75,000 suppliers worldwide, was awardedto the Company for the fifth time in a row.

"In the more than twenty years since its establishment, PEGAS has become the largestEuropean producer of spunmelt nonwoven textiles for the production of disposablehygiene products. We could not have achieved this level of success without satisfiedcustomers and so it is a great honour for us to have once again received the "ExcellenceAward" from Procter & Gamble for suppliers providing services consistently at the highestlevel. This award is very important to us as it provides us with feedback about the qualityof our products and services and at the same time motivates us to continue in our work.We value our long term cooperation with Procter & Gamble a great deal and firmlybelieve that it will continue to develop successfully in the future", said František Řezáč,CEO and Member of the Board of PEGAS NONWOVENS SA.

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Date of publication: 20. September 2012
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