Spunbond technology

The nature of the production of non-woven fabric by means of spunbond technology is based on the direct spinning of polymeric granulates into continuous filaments (filaments) and subsequently manufactured non-woven fabric. Thus the production of fibre characteristic for the other textile types and their subsequent conversion into the flat shape is excluded. For the production of this type of non-woven fabric we use PP or PP and PE combination (in the form of bi-component fibre).

The basic qualities of this fabric include the following:

  • range of surface density approx. 10 - 150 g/m2
  • even distribution of fibre in the surface fabric determining the characteristic qualities that are approx. 2:1 in the longitudinal and transverse directions
  • high final strength of the fabric due to the high strength of continuous filaments (filaments)
  • characteristic fineness of the individual filaments can range from 1 to 5 den

Animation of spunbond technology (260kB, download time 1-5 s)

PFNonwovens Czech s.r.o. trades successfully in the market a qualitatively new type of non-woven fabric of the S (spunbond) and SMS (spunbond/meltblown/spunbond) type comprising of more-component synthetic fibre - Pegatex® Bico Core/Sheath, C/S (core/sheath).

The fibre comprises mostly from two polymeric matrixes when each of the components gives the fibre its characteristic qualities. The aim is to use softer polymeric matrix of the fibre sheath to improve the utility properties, mainly the feel and softness. The fibre sheath can comprise of a matrix with a lower melting temperature. Polymer with a lower melting temperature and softening in the sheath can be further used as a binding component for easier fibre binding with the possible activation by means of hot-air binding.  By means of this type of binding it is possible to tailor mechanical qualities to the needs of an individual customer. 

PFNonwovens Czech s.r.o. introduced these qualitatively new products of spunbond technology as one of the first companies in the world.

Animation of spunbond Bico technology (230kB, download time 1-5 s)

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